Switzerland of Ohio Local School District | Bleacher Replacements & Renovations


Project Details:
Beallsville High School Baseball & Softball Portable Bleachers
Beallsville High School Football Bleachers Replacement
River High School Football Bleachers Replacement
River High School Indoor Bleacher Replacement & Upgrades
久草在在线新兔费观看首页 Monroe Central High School Football Bleacher Replacement

Completion: Fall 2019

Switzerland of Ohio Local School District High School Athletics got a major overall prior to the start of the 2019 football season.

Beallsville High School Scope: 久草在在线新兔费观看首页The Dave Caldwell Field sets the example for incorporating school spirit into an outdoor bleacher design, complete with flags perched along the back guardrails. The home bleacher was completely replaced with a 36” elevated 8-row by 133’-6” bleacher, complete with an accessible ramp and ADA seating. The visitor bleacher was upgraded to an elevated bleacher with a front walkway and entry stairs.

久草在在线新兔费观看首页Additionally, the High School Softball and Baseball fields house four new portable bleacher units. When it was time to visit the district for photos, two of the portables had been moved to the high school football field for additional seating.  A representative of the district commented, “It was so nice to be able to move the bleachers easily from one field to the next when we needed additional seating.”

River High School Scope: 久草在在线新兔费观看首页The River High School football field now has new bleachers on both the home and visitor side. The home bleacher, slightly bigger than the visitor side, is a 36” elevated, 10-row by 175’-6” bleacher while the visitor bleacher is a 36” elevated 8-row by 133’-6” bleacher. Both bleachers are complete with accessible ramps and ADA seating.

久草在在线新兔费观看首页The River High School gymnasium received an upgrade as well. One full bank of bleachers was replaced with telescoping bleachers with a combination of seating in grey and seating with backrests in red. The new bleacher bank includes Hussey’s signature auto-rotating aisle rails and hinged floor to first row aisle steps making set-up a breeze. The remaining existing bleacher banks received a face-lift with new Hussey Seating Company CourtSide seats, including a signature logo “River High” on the visitor side bleachers.

Monroe Central High School Scope: 久草在在线新兔费观看首页A new home bleacher was installed, a 36” elevated, 10-row by 55’-0” bleacher connecting at the existing front walkway and accessible ramp at the spectators’ right and new entry stairs at the spectators’ left.